Champion is the third episode of the Netflix series The OA.


A journalist approaches the family with an offer. At Hap's, a bond is forged with Homer and the others as they hatch a desperate plan.[1]


Prairie continues to tell her story to the five at the abandoned house.

Hap takes her outside one day and, as a thank you, she makes him a sandwich. He allows her to make sandwiches for everyone else in the basement and the group decides that they must devise a plan to escape. Homer asks her to find his Championship football ring that he stashed in the bathroom the first night he was brought here. He wants to send it to his ex girlfriend and unborn child so that they know that he didn't just abandon them.

Prairie becomes the Dr.'s housekeeper and plans to drug him by putting sleeping pills in his stew. Not knowing that he is allergic to tomatoes, Hap goes into anaphylactic shock. While trying to find his epi-pen, she finds Homer's ring and comes across the dead body of another basement tenant. When she returns to the basement, she gives the ring to Homer along with a blank envelope. They quickly write down a message to mail in hopes of getting help. But the letter and the ring are lost as they float down stream.

Disheartened, Prairie continues to be a housekeeper. In a flash of anger, she pushes Dr. Percy down the stairs after having asked him what happened to the dead person she'd found. Encouraged by the other captives, she tries to escape but only makes it so far before she is hit in the back of the head.


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