Empire of Light is the seventh episode of the new Netflix series The OA.


An ominous new dream and a tense outing with Nancy and Abel take a toll on OA. Steve finds his life in turmoil once again. [1]


Abel learns that Prairie had left a note when she ran away but Nancy had never shared it with him. Nancy denies the existence of a note. Prairie continues to go to therapy with the FBI counselor. Her mom tries to convince the therapist to put her back on medication. She is happy when Rahim suggests that instead of putting her on medication that she and her family do something together.

Steve is progressively doing better in school. He has shared a kiss with a girl from his alternative classes and even is responsible for teaching the group the 2nd movement. Later on when he goes home, he's taken away by force to the reform school Asheville. As Betty is driving home, she witnesses this and decides to follow the van. When the van stops to get gas, Betty confronts the goons and offers to give them her $50,000 dollar inheritance check from her brother in exchange for Steve's release. They agree and drive off with her money.

Prairie and her family go to a local restaurant in an attempt to do something normal. Things don't go as planned when a random teenager takes an unsolicited selfie with Prairie. Nancy demands to know why Prairie never talks about her captivity but when Prairie tries to Nancy ends up slapping her. French witnesses this and offers to take Prairie home. They both leave and head back to the abandoned house. There, Steve is having a meltdown and stabs Prairie in her leg with a pencil in his anger. She hugs him and tries to calm him down before she decides to finish her story.


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