Forking Paths is the sixth episode of the Netflix series The OA.


As the group continues its search for the final movement, a startling turn of events gives Hap's work a new urgency. [1]


Renata teaches the 4th movement to the group. Homer and Prairie decide to carve the movements into their skin so that they don't forget them. The group becomes aware that Hap is learning the movements as well. Hap goes to talk with Leon, another scientist who is performing an unorthodox experiment. They compare notes but Leon tries to kill Hap when he realizes that Hap may be closer to a breakthrough than he is. Hap ends up killing him as a result.

Hap is desperate for Prairie's affection so he offers to let her out of the experiment if they can go away together. She refuses and after the experiment learns that her mind in death had been near Saturn's rings. During her NDE, she'd called out to Khatun but couldn't find her among the stars.

While monitoring the captives, Hap falls asleep with his headphones on and doesn't hear when the Sherrif walks into the compound unannounced. He sees that Hap is holding people captive, so he takes out his gun and puts it to Hap's head.


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