"The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’d catch only beautiful things."

Prairie Johnson, born as Nina Azarova and known simply as The OA is the protagonist in the Netflix series The OA.


Prairie was adopted by Abel Johnson and Nancy Johnson at a young age. Raised as Nina, she lived in Russia until she had her first NDE. Khatun took her sight to protect her from all the terrible things she would witness through the next decade or so of her life. Her birth father Mr. Azarov had sent her to America to study at a school for the blind but died on unknown circumstances. Her custody was given to her aunt, who happened to have a whore house. The Johnson's went one day to adopt a baby, but Nancy found Nina and immediately felt a connection. The girl was adopted by the Johnson's, who named her Prairie because of the blue in her eyes.

When she was a child, she had strange dreams which left her with nose bleeds when she woke up; because of this she was medicated.

Prairie ran away from home to New York a few days before her 21st birthday in search of her father, because of a dream she had. There she meets Hap, someone who happens to know about NDE's and is talked into going with him so he could only do a "'few"' tests on her.

She is later kidnapped by Hap and experimented on for seven years. While in his custody, she fell in love with fellow captive Homer. Her sight returned to her after her second NDE. She was given the first movement, and named The Original Angel. (OA)


Notes Edit

  1. In a flashback, before she was kidnapped, she stated that she just turned 21. She was missing for 7 years before returning to the town.


The First Five
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The Second Five
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Abel Johnson · Elias Rahim · Hap · Miles Brekov · Mr. Azarov · Nancy Johnson

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